Energy Strategy

When EUM begin work with a customer we start by developing an energy strategy on how we will deliver a reduction in both costs and carbon emissions for their properties.


An initial audit of the customer’s energy supplies, costs and consumption will provide us with a starting point for a strategy for the customer with certain targets for us to meet on cost and consumption savings.  The process of delivering these savings to the customer is through the systematic implementation of each of our services in turn from obtaining refunds for past overcharges, to streamlining your contracts so that we can leverage the benefits of purchasing your energy on a group basis, in bulk, at the lowest possible rates.  We discuss the pros and cons of purchasing on a fixed or flexible basis to decide on the right method for the property manager to reduce risk and meet the needs of the landlord and tenants.


Once the customer’s energy prices are minimised we bring in our engineers to survey how energy is being used in the buildings, identify energy waste and to cost the measures to improve energy efficiency.  We then report our recommendations to the property manager, discuss with all concerned and agree which recommendations to implement.  Finally, we roll-out the program of energy efficiency measures for the customer and measure how much is being saved.


Through our tried and trusted method we build a long-term energy management strategy for the customer to:-


  • Optimise your energy purchasing.
  • Find, implement and measure your energy efficiency savings.
  • Comply with all energy legislation.
  • Provide an integrated energy solution for your business, from one company, whilst freeing up your own management time.

For further information on this service, please call 020 7060 1900 or email and we will arrange for one of our consultants to contact you to discuss your energy management requirements.