Energy Group Purchasing

Energy costs are minimised across a multi-site property portfolio by purchasing on a group rather than single-site basis.  We manage this across the customer’s portfolio by bringing contract end-dates into line and reducing the number of suppliers across the group.  A consistent and ongoing energy purchasing strategy will eventually result in the lowest possible energy costs, with all properties on a single group contract with the most competitive supplier.


The benefits to the customer of using our optimised group purchasing system are:-


  • You receive the best rates through our competitive bulk tendering process.
  • Our energy market knowledge means we can recommend to you the best time to place your contract.  For example, we can advise on the benefits or otherwise of renewing your contracts early in advance of global market increases.
  • Every customer of EUM has a dedicated Senior Energy Consultant to work with them, who will manage their group tender and the ongoing supplier negotiations, through to implementation of the best contract with the chosen supplier.
  • We will monitor your savings and provide energy cost budgeting services to assist you with service charge forecasts.
  • The result is lower costs and a significant time saving for your property management team.

For further information on fixed-price contract and flexible-price contract Energy Group Purchasing, please call 020 7060 1900 or email and we will arrange for one of our consultants to contact you to discuss your requirements.