Energy Efficiency

As buildings become better lit, heated and air-conditioned the importance of keeping energy costs under control and improving energy efficiency is vital for the property manager.  The purpose of EUM’s energy efficiency service is to deliver better buildings with lower energy consumption.


Calculating the Carbon Footprint


It is important to know our starting point so the path to energy efficiency begins with calculating the carbon footprint of each building within a portfolio.  Since we are already collecting energy consumption data as part of our invoice checking and energy purchasing service this carbon footprint calculation is a useful first step towards energy efficiency at minimal cost to the property manager.


Initial Energy Audit


Once we have a baseline of energy consumption and carbon footprint for a building our qualified energy engineers then carry out an Initial Energy Audit of the building’s utility supplies and metering and compare energy consumption with official industry benchmarks.  The audit identifies any problems and a report is provided of recommendations, the cost savings available and payback period.  The Initial Energy Audit is used to make quick and straightforward savings in utility costs with the majority of recommendations having low cost and a payback period of less than one year.  We recommend that an Initial Energy Audit is carried out at all premises under management.


Detailed Energy Survey


The Initial Energy Audit also identifies those buildings which will benefit from a Detailed Energy Survey.  This is generally applicable to large buildings where small changes can result in significant energy savings.  However, in some cases it may be appropriate for smaller buildings where energy consumption is unusually high.  The Detailed Energy Survey involves a thorough analysis of all energy using plant to identify exactly where the energy is being used in a building.  An action plan is then presented with recommendations on how to implement significant energy savings.


Advanced Energy Survey


Some customers may have already started the process of making their properties energy efficient.  In such cases we can help build on the work already done and assist with the implementation of savings opportunities that have already been found.  Specific programs of work can be designed for the property manager, for example to investigate the benefit of a lighting replacement programme, optimising control systems or installing sub-metering systems within a building.


As well as reducing energy costs and carbon emissions, the benefits of the EUM approach to energy efficiency are:-


  • Almost no involvement required from your staff.
  • A better understanding of your building, the plant and how it is used.
  • Improvements in your Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) league table position.
  • Improved Display Energy Certificate (DEC) and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings.
  • Lower service charge costs, making your building more attractive to tenants.


For further information on EUM’s Energy Efficiency service, please call 020 7060 1900 or email and we will arrange for one of our consultants to contact you to discuss your requirements.