About Us

European Utility Management is the energy management company for the property management industry. We have been buying energy and carrying out energy efficiency works for the UK’s largest and most successful property managing agents and landlords since 1998.


Our full and comprehensive range of energy services, including:  energy group purchasing, energy efficiency, energy compliance, utility connections & metering and tenant cost recharging, means that the property manager has one point of call for all energy matters. EUM ensures our customers are totally confident that energy management is a part of their business which is being completely managed.


We understand the requirements of the commercial property sector and how important it is to minimise energy costs and energy consumption for tenants and landlords. Our 21 years experience with the UK’s top property companies means we understand the importance of the relationship between the landlord, tenant and asset manager and the most effective way to reduce costs and emissions for all concerned.


To find out more about us and how EUM can enable your company to completely manage energy, please call us on 020 7060 1900 or email service@eum.co.uk